Tuesday, September 16, 2008

JakeOne Promo Spot

+ Took me about a week, from concept to completion.
This was done using Adobe After Effects.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Jake One Campaign

+ Client - JakeOne & Rhymesayers Entertainment
I've recently hooked up with Rhymesayers Entertainment to create an Album campaign for the incredible Hip-Hop Producer Jake One. Jake One has crafted the musical soundscapes for everyone from De La Soul, MF DOOM, 50 Cent to Mary J. Blige just to name a few. It was my task to create the overall look and feel of JakeOne's "White Van Music" . I created everything from CD packaging, Web Banners, Stickers, Posters to the Jake One's MySpace page. I also created a 1 minute Motion Graphics spot to promote the launch of the new album. (that was definitely a treat) Props to Spike Mafford for the great photography.

+ JakeOne album cover art

+ JakeOne logo-type

+ JakeOne banner comp

+ JakeOne type treatments

+ Untitled 22" x 28"
This particular piece is a personal favorite of mine. It represents the culmination
of years artistic exploration. A synthesis of thoughts, feelings and aesthetics. I think I'm getting there.

+ Untitled Digital Mixed , 16"x 22"

+ Untitled (Trust) 22x 36 acrylic on wood
Relationships can often skew our perspectives and at times, blind us completely.There are many mysteries and unknown truths to experience and touch. I feel that trust is something that's hard to acquire and keep. The rewards can be fleeting or everlasting. And the strength needed to acquire trust can be hard to muster.

+ Catching Dreams 16x 22 Mixed Digital
This is a mixed media piece; ink, photoshop and watercolor. The piece revolves around the idea of catching ones dreams. In this particular case floating jellyfish are the personification of said dreams.